Friday, 21 June 2013

BELGIUM: RCS Marcinelle (1922-2001) / RFC Sporting Marcinelle (2001-2013) / Football Couillet-Marcinelle (B) (2013-2016) / Marcinelle Sport (2016-2018) / RC Marcinelle (2018-)

Chenevière, Marcinelle (FC Sporting Marcinelle)

Belgium, province: Hainaut = Henegouwen

August 2010 / no match visited

Note: RCS Marcinelle, founded in 1922, merged with FC Marcinelle (founded in 1958 as FC Cazier, changing their name to FC Marcinelle in 1961) to become RFC Sporting Marcinelle. In 2013, the club name was changed to become Football Couillet-Marcinelle, with first team football moving away to Couillet's Stade Fiestaux. After the demise of the last-mentioned club, the premises were taken over by Marcinelle Sport (founded in 2010 as Couillet Sport, changing to Marcinelle Sport in 2015), who, in 2018, chose to be known as Racing Club Marcinelle henceforth. Are you still with us?

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