Thursday, 13 June 2013

BELGIUM: K Zonhoven VV (1939-2019) / Zonhoven United FC (B) (2019-)

Basvelden, Zonhoven (Zonhoven United FC, formerly K Zonhoven Vlug & Vrij)

Belgium, province: Limburg (Be)

22 IV 2012 / K Zonhoven VV - VV Lutlommel 2-2 / Belgian Limburg, Provincial League 1 (= fifth level)

Note 1: as a result of this draw, Lutlommel were crowned champions of their league and gained promotion to the (national) fourth division.

Note 2: K Zonhoven VV, founded in 1939, merged with FC Melosport Zonhoven in 2019, forming Zonhoven United FC; since, Zonhoven VV's pitches been home to the new club's youth academy, whilst first team football takes place at Melo's ground.

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