Thursday, 13 June 2013

NETHERLANDS: SV ADVENDO (1952-) / SC Hoge Vucht (2018-)

Kadijkje, Breda (SV ADVENDO & SC Hoge Vucht)

Netherlands, province: North Brabant

6 IX 2009 / SV ADVENDO - RKSV Groen-Wit 0-1 / Zondag 4e klasse C Zuid I (= seventh level)

Note: SV ADVENDO, formed in 1932, moved to the Kadijkje ground in 1952; in January 2018, they were joined by SC Hoge Vucht (the former vv Barça), who were forced by the Breda town council to leave their premises at Wisselaar to make way for the local rugby club.

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