Thursday, 4 July 2013

BELGIUM: KFC Vilvoorde (1970-2011) / VK Vilvoorde (2011-2013) / Sporting Vilvoorde-Koningslo (2013-2014) / SC Vilvoorde (2014-2017) / Infinity FC Vilvoorde (2017-)

Stedelijk-Drie Fonteinen, Vilvoorde (FC Vilvoorde)

Belgium, province: Flemish Brabant

12 XII 2010 / FC Vilvoorde - FC Ganshoren 1-3 / Brabant, Provincial League 1 (= fifth level)

Note: FC Vilvoorde went bankrupt in 2011. A new club was formed, VK Vilvoorde, in 2011, but its permit to play at the Drie Fonteinen stadium was discontinued by the city council in 2013. In the 2013-'14 season, Sporting Vilvoorde-Koningslo (another club in the same municipality) was asked to play in the stadium. In 2014, a new team was formed to play at Drie Fonteinen: SC Vilvoorde, who changed their name to become Infinity FC Vilvoorde in 2017.

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  1. very sad history of the F.C Vilvoorde...they already stopped in 1990 when i almost signed there-because i worked there in the mailcenter-and they tried to compete with the rivals of FC Strombeek who then were 4 divisions above them !they went into the rivalry because the VTM managed the club to a higher level but it didn't last for a long period and they went down for ever probably....