Tuesday, 2 July 2013

BELGIUM: RACS Couillet (1919-2009) / FC Charleroi (2013-2014) / Football Couillet-Marcinelle (2013-2016) / Racing Charleroi-Couillet-Fleurus (2014-2017) / RAS Monceau (2017-2018) / Racing ACS Couillet (2020-)

Stade Fiestaux-Eugène Van Walleghem, Couillet (Racing ACS Couillet, formerly RACS Couillet / FC Charleroi / Racing Charleroi-Couillet-Flerus / Football Couillet-Marcinelle / RAS Monceau)

Belgium, province: Hainaut = Henegouwen

25 VIII 2013 / FC Charleroi - RES Acrenoise 0-5 / Belgium, League 4A

Note 1: first (snow) photo dates back to December 2009.

Note 2: RACS Couillet (until 1977 R Amical Cercle Sportif Couillet, between 1977 and 2009 R Association Cercle Sportif Couillet following the merger with US Couillet d'Amérique) merged with AA Louviéroise (2009) and duly left the Stade Fiestaux. When La Lou in its turn merged with URS Centre (2011), Couillet returned to the Charleroi region, choosing the new name FC Charleroi and playing its home games in the Neuville stadium. In 2013, FC Charleroi's president, Leone, bought a Div. 3 team (Heppignies), renaming it Charleroi-Fleurus and moving it to Neuville. Remaining the president of FC Charleroi as well, Leone allowed the club to return to Couillet after a four year absence - however, without any budget. In 2017, he sold FC Charleroi-Couillet-Fleurus' matricule to RAAL La Louvière, a newly founded club project. De facto, this hailed the end of RCCF. The Stade Fiestaux remained in use from August 2017 until December 2018, when RAS Monceau played their first team football here before moving away to Montignies-sur-Sambre's Stade Yernaux. After two twilight years, the ground was taken over by FC Wangenies 61, who cunningly took on the name of Racing ACS (RACS!) Couillet.


  1. hello :)
    is this team still playing and are they still at this ground (Stade du Fiestaux) ?

    appreciate your help
    thanks OB

    1. As RAS Monceau seem to have moved away to Montignies-sur-Sambre - and I do not know of any other clubs using the Stade Fiestaux - I am afraid the ground is not in use at this juncture (January 2019).