Friday, 30 August 2013

BELGIUM: FC Genly-Noirchain (1973-1989) / RUS Genly-Quévy (B) (1989-2012) / RUS Genly-Quévy 89 (2012-2015) / R Albert Quévy-Mons (B) (2015-)

La Motte, Genly (R Albert Quévy-Mons - B pitch, formerly FC Genly-Noirchain & RUS Genly-Quévy 89)

Belgium, province: Hainaut = Henegouwen

28 VIII 2013 / US Genly-Quévy 89 - SK Ronse 2-0 / Belgium, League 4A

Note: after getting promoted to the national divisions for the first time in the club's history (2012), RUS Genly-Quévy were forced to move their first team matches to the B-stadium in Genly, because the A pitch in Quévy-le-Grand did not have the correct measurements for national football (too short).

Note 2: when R Albert Elisabeth Mons went bust in mid-2015, RUS Genly-Quévy 89 (which had just been relegated from the national leagues to Provincial League 1) took on a new name: R Albert Quévy-Mons, and moved its first team to Mons' Charles Tondreau stadium (click here).

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