Tuesday, 24 September 2013

BELGIUM: R Albert Elisabeth Club Mons (1910-2015) / R Albert Quévy-Mons (2015-)

Charles Tondreau, Mons = Bergen (R Albert Elisabeth Club Mons)

Belgium, province: Hainaut = Henegouwen

19 XI 2010 / AEC Mons - Boussu Dour Borinage 1-0 / Belgium, Div. 2

Note: RAEC Mons went bust in mid-2015, upon which RUS Genly-Quévy changed its name to R Albert Quévy-Mons and moved its first team, which had thus far played at the Motte ground in Genly (click here),  to the Charles Tondreau stadium.

 All photos: (c) W.B. Tukker / www.extremefootballtourism.blogspot.com. Publication of any of these images only after permission of author

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