Sunday, 15 September 2013

BELGIUM: R Entente Bertrigeoise (1945-) / RES Orgeotoise (2018-2019)

Stade Jules Guillaume, Bertrix (R Entente Bertrigeoise)

Belgium, province: Belgian Luxembourg

14 I 2012 / Entente Bertrigeoise - Excelsior Virton 1-2 / Belgium, League 3B

Note: R Entente Bertrigeoise were joined by RES Orgeotoise as temporary groundsharers in the 2018/2019 season whilst Orgeo's Stade Félix Lebichot was being refurbished. In the September month of that same season, incidentally, Bertrix' first team (who had been demoted voluntarily from National Amateur Division 3 to Provincial League 3 due to financial problems) withdrew from Luxembourg's Provincial Leagues for the remainder of the season after having suffered some heavy defeats.

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