Tuesday, 10 September 2013

NETHERLANDS: VVH '16 (1963-1967) / Roda JC (1966) / Heerlen Sport (1967-1986) /

Kaldeborn Oost, Heerlen (formerly VVH '19 & Heerlen Sport)

Netherlands, province: Limburg

May 2009 / no match visited

Note: though the Kaldeborn stadium was constructed (1961) with the objective of eventually luring away Roda JC from Kerkrade, this never materialized, as Roda stayed in Kerkrade's Kaalheide stadium. On one occasion (17 I 1966), a Roda home game (versus SVV) took place in Kaldeborn due to the pitch in Kerkrade being in a state deemed unfit for football
Note 2: after 1986, the main stand was demolished and the stadium was taken over by outdoor hockey club HCC Heerlen (after a merger in 2012 renamed HC Nova)


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