Tuesday, 19 November 2013

BELGIUM: RUS Fleurusienne (-1978) / SC Lambusart-Fleurus (B) (1978-2002) / RJS Heppignies-Lambusart-Fleurus (C) (2002-2013) / R Charleroi-Fleurus (C) (2013-2014) / R Charleroi-Couillet-Fleurus (2014-) / R Géants Athois (2015)

Augustin Cosse, Fleurus (Charleroi-Fleurus (C), formerly US Fleurusienne, SC Lambusart-Fleurus (B),  JS Heppignies-Lambusart-Fleurus (C), R Charleroi-Fleurus (C) & R Géants Athois)

Belgium, province: Henegouwen = Hainaut

16 XI 2013 / Charleroi-Fleurus U15 - Bon Air Sport U15 3-2 / Belgium, National U15 - Group E

Note: US Fleurus merged with SC Lambusart to SC Lambusart-Fleurus in 1978. Since, the stadium was used solely for reserves' and youth games. In 2015, the R Charleroi-Couillet-Fleurus youth teams were joined by R Géants Athois, or at least the club, bought by an investment ground led by Nicolas Anelka, playing under the name and matricule of the erstwhile R Géants Athois from Ath. In October 2015, however, he already moved his club to KSK Ronse's Orphale Crucke stadium, photos of which can be found by clicking here. There, the adventure lasted barely one and a half months, after which the club folded due to debts incurred before the Anelka takeover.

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