Thursday, 20 March 2014

BELGIUM: FC Limelette (1965-2014) / AOC Buston (2016-2018)

Avenue des Sorbiers, Limelette (AOC Buston, formerly FC Limelette)

Belgium, province: Walloon Brabant

19 III 2014 / FC Limelette - Wavre Limal Reserves 2-1 / Brabant, Provincial League 3B (= Div. 7)

Note 1: FC Limelette were banned from league football in September 2013 after their 'supporters' attacked a player of the opposite side (FC Lasne) with heavy weapons, resulting in his jawbone being broken. Limelette's coach condoned the supporters' behaviour and was also suspended. For reasons beyond my understanding, a civil court overruled the Belgian FA's decision, allowing FC Limelette back into this year's competition (and forcing them to play two games a week for three months). My match visit was one of those midweek games. I found out that the mentality of part of Limelette's players and 'supporters' was quite awful. It was painfully obvious they did not learn their lesson... the atmosphere became intimidating when 'supporters' took me (with my camera) for an undercover police officer. Sadly, Limelette's board - I talked to one of the board members - did not seem up to the task to remove the unhealty elements in and around their club. 

Note 2: The note above is an adapted version of some lines I wrote after returning home following the Limelette - Wavre Limal match I visited. At the end of the 2013-2014 season, Belgium's Football Association took the only logical step after everything which had happened and decided to remove FC Limelette as a Belgian FA member. Since, the Avenue des Sorbiers ground has been taken over by ABSSA members Les Pumas, Les Patjes & Les Requins. In 2016, they were given the company of a new club playing in the Belgian FA's leagues, AOC Buston. This club, however, only lasted for two years.

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