Monday, 14 April 2014

BELGIUM: FC Damberd / KWB Voetbal Bavikhove

Vlasschaard, Bavikhove (FC Damberd & KWB Voetbal Bavikhove)

Belgium, province: West Flanders

12 IV 2014 / FC Damberd - De Sportman Wervik 4-4 / VLVB Saturday League 3A 

Note: VLVB (Vlaamse Liefhebbers Voetbal Bond) is a league of Flemish amateur teams in West and East Flanders not affiliated to the Royal Belgian Football Association. Under the auspices of the VLVB, five Saturday championships (subdivided in three divisions) and two Sunday divisions are disputed.
Note 2: FC Damberd share the municipal ground in Bavikhove with KWB Voetbal, who play in another league of amateur teams not affiliated to the Belgian FA, the so-called Kortrijkse Schepen Bijttebier League.


  1. Hey there. I will be moving to Brugge at the beginning of August and wondered about local teams I could play for? any advice or numbers to contact?


    1. Hi, I am actually from the Netherlands, not from Belgium, and I am not an expert of local football in the Bruges region. If you are going for a club outside the spectrum of the Belgian FA, I would start by clicking this link: Good luck!