Tuesday, 1 April 2014

BELGIUM: SV Voorde (1969-2018) / FC Voorde-Appelterre (B) (2018-)

Frans Groeninck, Voorde (SV Voorde)

Belgium, province: East Flanders

30 III 2014 / SV Voorde - JV De Pinte 3-0 / East Flanders, Provincial League 2B (= BE level 6)

Note: SV Voorde, founded in 1969, merged with K Eendracht Appelterre-Eichem to form FC Voorde-Appelterre in 2018. Subsequently, first team football is being played at the Molenveld ground in Appelterre, whilst the ground in Voorde remains in use for training purposes and some lower team football.

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