Thursday, 29 May 2014

BELGIUM: SK Leeuw (-2020) / Leeuw-Brucom (2020-)

Lotstraat, Sint-Pieters-Leeuw (Leeuw-Brucom, formerly SK Leeuw)

Belgium, province: Flemish Brabant

29 V 2014 / SK Leeuw - SK Kampelaar 0-0 / Brabant, Provincial League 3 - promotion play-off (= Div. 7)

Note 1: as a result of this draw, SK Leeuw won promotion to Provincial League 2 (= BE level 6)

Note 2: in 2020, SK Leeuw merged with KV Brucom Sport to become Leeuw-Brucom.

BELGIUM: VK Liedekerke

Heuvelkouter, Liedekerke (VK Liedekerke)

Belgium, province: Flemish Brabant

29 V 2014 / VK Liedekerke - Sporting Bruxelles 7-1 / Brabant, Provincial League 2 - promotion play-off (= Div. 6)

Note: as a result of this win, VK Liedekerke were promoted to Provincial League 1 (= Div. 5)

Sunday, 25 May 2014

BELGIUM: RFC Luingnois

Henri Gadenne, Luingne (Mouscron) = Lowingen (Moeskroen) (RFC Luingnois)

Belgium, province: Hainaut = Henegouwen

25 V 2014 / FC Luingnois - Dottignies Sports 2-1 / West Flanders, Provincial League 3C - promotion play-off final - second leg (= Div. 7)

Note 1: though, due to a gradual shift of the language border, the originally Flemish villages of Dottenijs (Dottignies) and Lowingen (Luingne) were transferred from the province of West Flanders to Hainaut in Wallonia in 1963, Dottignies Sports and FC Luingnois have chosen to continue playing their games in West Flanders' provincial leagues. Hence the absurd situation of having a promotion play-off final in West Flanders with two teams from outside the province.

Note 2: after the away leg had finished 0-0, Luingnois opened the score in the home game in the second half; in the last minute of regular time, Dottignies equalized, meaning they would go up on away goals. Luingnois, however, scored the 2-1 with the last kick of the game, handing them a memorable derby victory as well as promotion to Provincial League 2.