Thursday, 1 May 2014

BELGIUM: KSK Retie Branddonk (1955-2019) / KBSK Retie (B) (2019-)

Stadion 'André Zajac', Hodonk-Retie (SK Retie Branddonk)

Belgium, province: Antwerp

1 V 2014 / SK Branddonk - VC Herentals 2-5 / Antwerp, Provincial League 1 - promotion play-off (= Div. 5)

Note: in 2019, KSK Retie Branddonk, commonly referred to simply as KSK Branddonk, merged with K Retie SK to form KBSK Retie; since, first team football has moved to Retie SK's Vossekotstadion, whilst the pitches in Hodonk have remained in use for lower team football and training purposes.

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