Sunday, 1 June 2014

BELGIUM: Sporting Bruxelles / AS Brussels City / FC Suryoyés Bruxelles

Korte Groenweg = Petit Chemin Vert, Neder-Over-Heembeek (Sporting Bruxelles / AS Brussels City / FC Suryoyés Bruxelles)

Belgium, Brussels Capital Area

1 VI 2014 / Sporting Bruxelles - RC Butsel 3-1 / Brabant, Provincial League 2 - promotion play-off (= BE level 6)

Note: Sporting Bruxelles are a merger of Blue Star Bruxelles (a spin-off of AS Maccabi Bruxelles) and CWAS Etoile Bruxelles Capitale, 2013.


  1. The current Maccabi Brussels, that plays in the gorgeous Stade Bertelson in Forest, was founded after Blue Star Bruxelles (the "Original" Jewish club of Brussels) merged with Etoile Bxl Capitale (previously named Etoile Marocaine). Those who wanted to keep the Jewish club intact as a separate entity therefor founded Maccabi Brussels immediately after Blue Star agreed to merge with Etoile Bruxelles Capitale. That said, the number of Jews playing for Maccabi is rather low, most players now are not Jewish. Sporting Bruxelles is a merger of a club with Jewish roots and a club with Moroccan roots, a nice multicultural club that functions well!

    1. Unfortunately, Maccabi's A squad don't play at the Bertelson any longer :(