Sunday, 10 August 2014

BELGIUM: RUS Albert Schaerbeek (-2012) / FC Kosova Schaerbeek (2012-)

Chazal, Schaarbeek-Schaerbeek (FC Kosova Schaerbeek, formerly US Albert Schaerbeek)

Belgium, Brussels Capital Area

10 VIII 2014 / FC Kosova Schaerbeek - FC Merchtem 2000 1-2 / Brabant, Provincial Cup R1

Note: last photo in this series dates back to March 2009 (non-matchday visit)

All photos: (c) W.B. Tukker / Publication of any of these images only after permission of author


  1. Small correction: FC Kosova has nothing to do with RUS Albert Schaerbeek. Except that they play in the ground that previously was used by RUSAS. RUSAS merged with neighbouring RFC Evere to form Crossing Schaerbeek, which found its home in the new stadium opposite of Josaphat park in Schaerbeek (this stadium is shared with Renaissance Schaerbeek). As this means the newly formed club wasn't using the Chazal stadium anymore, neighbouring FC Kosova Schaerbeek (which needed a new ground) was invited to use the now vacant ground. They agreed with the municipality that they can use the Chazal ground for many years to come. Previously FC Kosova played in Molenbeek at Sippelberg stadium, and in the old stadium opposite of Josaphat park. When the Stade Chazal became vacant, FC Kosova made it their home. But other than the fact that RUSA Schaerbeek played there in the past, there is no connection between the both clubs.

    1. Absolutely correct. But in denoting the club names in the title of each post I do nothing more than just indicating which club used each particular ground at a particular time.