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BELGIUM: Racing Jet de Bruxelles (1970-1988) / FC Atlas de Bruxelles (1988-2000) / AS Etoile Bruxelles-Capitale (2000-2009) / CWAS Etoile Bruxelles-Capitale (2009-2012) / SC Etoile Bruxelles (2012-2013) / FC Bleid-Molenbeek (2012-2013)

Heizel II = Heysel II = Kleine Heizel = Annexe Heysel, Brussels (Bruxelles, Brussel) Laken = Laeken (formerly Racing Jet de Bruxelles, FC Atlas de Bruxelles, AS Etoile Bruxelles-Capitale, CWAS Etoile Bruxelles-Capitale, SC Etoile Bruxelles & FC Bleid-Molenbeek)

Belgium, Brussels Capital Area

24 I 2010 / CWAS Etoile Bruxelles-Capitale - Scup Dieleghem Jette 4-1 / Brabant, Provincial League 1 (= BE Div. 5)

6 X 2012 / FC Bleid-Molenbeek - SC Grimbergen 1-4 / Belgium, League 3B

Note 1: FC Bleid-Molenbeek was created in the summer of 2012 when a group of investors around former Belgian international player Michel De Wolf bought the matricule of FC Bleid-Gaume from Belgian Luxembourg and moved the (then) Div. 3 club to Brussels. The project failed miserably: the club was relegated to Div. 4 & subsequently renamed BX Brussels by its new owner Vincent Kompany, who moved it away to Jette

Note 2: after Etoile Bruxelles-Capitale merged with Blue Star Bruxelles to form Sporting Bruxelles, they left the Annexe Heysel to play in Neder-Over-Heembeek. Since the departure of Bleid-Molenbeek and Etoile in '13, the Heysel II ground has been used for recreational (women's) football only.

Note 3: photos 1-10: January 2010 / photos 11-18: October 2012.

All photos: (c) W.B. Tukker / Publication of any of these images only after permission of author

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