Sunday, 9 April 2017

BELGIUM: SC Lambusart (1949-1978) / RSC Lambusart-Fleurus (1978-2002) / RJS Heppignies-Lambusart-Fleurus (B) (2002-2013) / FC Charleroi-Fleurus (D) (2013-2014) / Racing Charleroi Couillet Fleurus (D) (2014-2015) / SC Wainage (2015-2020) / SC Wainage-Lambusart (2020-)

Stade du Faubourg, Lambusart (SC Wainage-Lambusart, formerly SC Lambusart / RSC Lambusart-Fleurus / RJS Heppignies-Lambusart-Fleurus, B ground / FC Charleroi-Fleurus, D ground / Racing Charleroi Couillet Fleurus, D ground / SC Wainage)

Belgium, province: Hainaut = Henegouwen

8 IV 2017 / SC Wainage - FC Casseroles 2-2 / Royal Groupement Corporatif de Charleroi, Division 1

Note 1: the list of clubs which occupied this ground, is quite long. SC Lambusart merged with US Fleurusienne to become SC Lambusart-Fleurus in 1978; first team football was played at this ground in Lambusart. When SC Lambusart-Fleurus, in its turn, merged with JS Heppignies in 2002, all main matches were henceforth played in Heppignies, relegating the Faubourg ground to hosting youth and reserves' matches. RJS Heppignies-Lambusart-Fleurus was taken over by FC Charleroi in 2013, becoming FC Charleroi-Fleurus and later Racing Charleroi Couillet Fleurus; in the FC Charleroi era, the ground in Lambusart was used by the Friday reserves only. Lastly, in 2015, when Racing Charleroi Couillet Fleurus left the premised once and for all, Corpo club SC Wainage asked the Fleurus community to be allowed to take over the stadium - a request which was granted, meaning that first team football returned to Lambusart for the first time in thirteen years.

Note 2: Royal Groupement Corporatif de Charleroi (RGCC, usually abbreviated to simply Charleroi Corpo) is a league of amateur teams from the Charleroi region. Though the RGCC is an affiliate to the Royal Belgian Football Association, it organizes an independent Saturday League of thirty clubs, subdivided into two divisions.

Note 3: the photo series below is a combination of pictures taken on three different occasions: photos 2-5: non-matchday visit, June 2010 / photos 1 & 24: non-matchday visit, March 2017 / photos 6-23: matchday visit, April 2017.

All photos: (c) W.B. Tukker / Publication of any of these images only after permission of author

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