Wednesday, 15 November 2017

NETHERLANDS: vv DEMOS (1957-2004) / vv GSS (1957-1995) / vv DRGS (1995-2008) / vv Hargasport (2004-2015)

Harga Oost, Schiedam (formerly vv DEMOS / vv GSS / vv DRGS / vv Hargasport)

Netherlands, province: South Holland

March 2011 & November 2017 / no match visited

Note 1: In 2004, one of the original inhabitants of Harga Oost - DEMOS (De Eendracht Maakt Ons Sterker) - merged with vv GTB (Geen Tegenstander Beter) and Schiedamse Boys to form vv Hargasport in 2004. Until 2008, Hargasport shared its ground with vv DRGS (De Roode Zon - Goede Sport Staalt Schiedam), a club which eventually (c2008) left for Thurlede, using the ground of the former vv Martinit; DRGS eventually ceased all activities in 2013. After several irregularities on and off the pitch which marred the last years of Hargasport's existence, this club's teams were banned from taking part in any competition in November 2014; two months later, being unable to meet the costs due to the Schiedam community for the use of their ground, vv Hargasport were dissolved.

Note 2: the photo series below is comprised of pictures taken on two different non-matchday visits: 1-9 = March 2011 / 10-16 = November 2017.

All photos: (c) W.B. Tukker / Publication of any of these images only after permission of author

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