Sunday, 15 April 2018

BELGIUM: KFC Nieuwmoer (1953-1991) / WVE De Bijl (2012-2017) / DK Nieuwmoer (2017-)

Fil-O-Droom, Nieuwmoer ('De Kroon' Nieuwmoer, formerly KFC Nieuwmoer / WVE De Bijl)

Belgium, province: Antwerp

14 IV 2018 / DK Nieuwmoer - PVC De Gorillaz 0-1 / KAVVV afdeling Voetbal Antwerpen, Div. 4A

Note 1: non-league football club Wapen van Essen (WVE) played at the Bremakker ground, groundsharing with Essenboys, until being forced out in 2012 in favour of KFC Olympic Essen; thereupon, Wapen van Essen changed their name into WVE De Bijl and found a new home at Nieuwmoer's Fil-O-Droom. Lastly, in 2017, the same year in which they left Antwerp's branch of the KVV league to join the KAVVV (cp. note 2), WVE De Bijl were renamed DK Nieuwmoer, taking on the name of De Kroon, the local café to which the ground belongs. 'Fil-O-Droom' is an allusion to Filip Oerlemans, former owner of Café De Kroon.

Note 2: KAVVV afdeling Voetbal Antwerpen is a league of football clubs from the Antwerp province not affiliated to the Belgian Football Association; under the auspices of KAVVV afdeling Voetbal Antwerpen, over 100 clubs play their football in a league pyramid of four divisions, subdivided into several regional sub-competitions.

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  1. Is that a genuine Elascon cover? Did they get it second-hand maybe?

    1. As far as I could make out, it is a real one. Bear in mind this used to be KFC Nieuwmoer's ground until the early 1990s. The stand is just a remarkable survivor of those days, it seems. I asked for more information at the match, but the home team are really from Essen rather than from Nieuwmoer - where they have been playing since quite recently only - and, by consequence, I failed to obtain more information.