Saturday, 12 May 2018


Sportpark De Venen, Kampen (vv KHC = Kampen Hercules Combinatie)

Netherlands, province: Overijssel

12 V 2018 / KHC - Flevo Boys 1-4 / Saturday League 1D (= NL level 6)

Note: vv KHC are a merger of KVC (Kamper Voetbalclub) and Hercules Kampen, concluded way back in 1914. For decades, KHC, the only Sunday team of Kampen, were not allowed to play their matches in Kampen proper, a staunchly protestant town where any other Sunday activity than churchgoing was (is?) frowned upon. Before World War II, KHC players, escaping the watchful eyes of their fellow citizens, were brought to a playing field in IJsselmuiden, across the IJssel river, by means of a charabanc. Many years later, in 1981, the club settled down at their current ground to the south of Kampen's town centre. In 2003, finally, the decision was taken to play first team football on Saturdays rather than on Sundays.


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