Monday, 16 December 2013

BELGIUM: KVK Ieper (2008-2013) / KVK Westhoek (2013-)

Jaimé Picañollaan, Ypres = Ieper (KVK Westhoek Ieper-Poperinge, formerly KVK Ieper)

Belgium, province: West Flanders

9 III 2013 / KVK Ieper - SK Terjoden-Welle 2-0 / Belgium, Div. 4A

15 XII 2013 / KVK Westhoek - Sassport Boezinge 3-1 / Belgium, Div. 4A

Note: on the merger between KVK Ieper and Blue Star Poperinge, the official club name became KVK Westhoek Ieper-Poperinge; understandably, though, the addition of the names of both towns was usually dropped from colloquial references to the new club. Somewhere around 2016/2017, the club chose to be known simply as KVK Westhoek officially as well.

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