Friday, 31 May 2013

BELGIUM: Sassport Boezinge

Dr. Hector Dekemelelaan, Boezinge (Sassport Boezinge)

Belgium, province: West Flanders

5 V 2013 / Sassport Boezinge - SK Oostnieuwkerke 3-0 / West Flanders, Provincial League 1 - promotion play-off (= fifth level)


BELGIUM: KFC Poperinge / K Blue Star Poperinge

Don Bosco, Poperinge (FC Poperinge & Blue Star Poperinge)
Belgium, province: West Flanders

3 III 2013 / Blue Star Poperinge - VK Ieper 2-1 / Belgium, League 4A

Note: at the time this derby match was played, news had just transpired that Blue Star Poperinge and VK Ieper would merge from mid-2013 onwards to form VK Westhoek


BELGIUM: KSV Diksmuide

Pluimen, Diksmuide (SV Diksmuide)

Belgium, province: West Flanders

21 I 2012 / SV Diksmuide - VC Wingene 2-2 / Belgium, League 4A



Henri Houtsaeger, Koksijde (VV Coxyde)

Belgium, province: West Flanders

27 V 2012 / VV Coxyde - VK Ieper 3-1 A.E.T. / Belgium, Leagues 3&4 promotion/relegation play-off


Thursday, 30 May 2013


Meilust, Bergen-op-Zoom (SV DOSKO)

Netherlands, province: North Brabant

30 V 2013 / SV DOSKO - SV Deurne 1-0 / Zondag Hoofdklasse-1e klasse promotion-relegation play-off (= fourth/fifth level)

Note: as a result of this victory, former professional (1955-'59) side DOSKO will play in League 4 (hoofdklasse) next season, their highest level ever as an amateur side



Rozenoord Zuid, Bergen-op-Zoom (SV MOC 1917)

Netherlands, province: North Brabant

25 V 2011 / SV MOC 1917 - Jong Ambon 2-0 / Zondag 4e klasse Zuid I promotion play-off (= eighth level)



Rozenoord Noord, Bergen-op-Zoom (formerly SV DOSKO)

Netherlands, province: North Brabant

May 2011 / no match visited

Note: this stadium was used by SV DOSKO between 1954 and 1977. DOSKO played in the Netherlands' professional leagues between 1955 and 1959. Nowadays, this ground is used for light athletics purposes only.