Sunday, 3 July 2022

NETHERLANDS: SV Rijssen (2021-)

Sportpark 't Opbroek, Rijssen (SV Rijssen)

Netherlands, province: Overijssel

2 VII 2022 / SV Rijssen - Heracles Almelo 0-12 / Pre-season friendly

Note: SV Rijssen is the result of a merger in 2019 between RKSV (Rooms-Katholieke Stormvogels, founded as vv Stormvogels in 1944 but renamed RKSV one year later) and vv Rijssen Vooruit, founded in 1909. For the first two years after the merger, first team football was played alternately at RKSV's Sportpark De Koele and RV's Sportterrein Stokmansveldweg. In 2021, the newly built Sportpark 't Opbroek was put into use, although the inauguration took place a full year later, in fact on the day of my match visit. RV's monumental wooden stand, dating back to 1928, was taken along from Stokmansveldweg, renovated, and painted in new colours at Sportpark 't Opbroek in the first half of 2022 - allegedly at a total cost of 1,3 million euros. The main pitch of the former Sportpark De Koele, which is immediately south of the new park, has remained in use as the new ground's pitch 3. 

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NETHERLANDS: RKSV (1944-2019) / SV Rijssen (2019-2021) / SV Rijssen (C) (2021-)

Sportpark De Koele, Rijssen (pitch 3 of Sportpark 't Opbroek, formerly vv Stormvogels / RKSV / SV Rijssen)

Netherlands, province: Overijssel

July 2022 / no match visited

Note: RKSV (Rooms-Katholieke Stormvogels), apparently founded as Stormvogels in 1944 but renamed RKSV one year later, played at Sportpark De Koele from the foundation of the club onwards. In 2019, the club merged with vv Rijssen Vooruit, forming SV (Sportvereniging) Rijssen. For two more seasons - although both of them interrupted due to lockdowns - first team football was alternately played at Sportpark De Koele and RV's Sportterrein Stokmansveldweg, while a new park for the merger club was being built immediately to the north of De Koele. Finally, in 2021, this new Sportpark 't Opbroek was opened, of which the former main pitch of RKSV has since been 'pitch 3', mainly used for training purposes. The old clubhouse has been taken over by Shantykoor Riessen, a local choral society.

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NETHERLANDS: SC Oranje (Schoonebeek) (1958-2004) / SVV '04 (2004-)

Sportpark De Kampen, Schoonebeek (SVV '04, formerly SC Oranje (S.))

Netherlands, province: Drenthe

1 VII 2022 / SVV '04 - FC Emmen 0-16 / Pre-season friendly

Note: Sunday league club Sportclub Oranje (Schoonebeek), not to be confused with its exact namesake Sportclub Oranje from Arnhem, saw the daylight in 1958. The stand adorning the club's Sportpark De Kampen was inaugurated in 1994. In 2004, a merger was concluded between SC Oranje and the Saturday league team in Schoonebeek, vv Minjak, founded in 1947 as the team of the Royal Dutch Petroleum Company (or N.A.M., Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij); the club name reflected this, as 'minjak' is the Malay word for 'oil'. From 1951 onwards, vv Minjak played their football at Ontspanningscentrum De Boô. Finally, in 2004, a merger was concluded between the two clubs, resulting in SVV '04 (Schoonebeekse Voetbalvereniging 2004), with all activities moving to SC Oranje's ground. Though SVV '04 started out with two first teams, one in the Saturday league pyramid and the other in the Sunday pyramid, the Saturday league first team was disbanded after the 2006-07 season.

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Saturday, 2 July 2022

NETHERLANDS: vv Vosseveld (1953-2022)

Sportpark 't Joosthuis, Winterswijk Vosseveld (formerly vv Vosseveld)

Netherlands, province: Guelders = Gelderland

June 2022 / no match visited

Note: Voetbalvereniging (vv) Vosseveld, often referred to in its early days as VVV, saw the daylight in 1943 as the football club of the eponymous hamlet just to the east of Winterswijk. In the first ten years of its existence, the club led a wandering life, playing its football successively at Terrein De Kok, Terrein De Schreur (later taken over by another non-league club, SKVW, and renamed Sportpark De Hunenbelten, 1950-2012), Terrein Den Harden (Bataafseweg), Terrein Van Eerden (Kottenseweg) and Terrein Steengroeveweg. Finally, in November 1953, the club settled down at Sportpark 't Joosthuis, its home for the remainder of its existence. Mainly due to a lack of volunteers, the decision was taken to fold after the 2021/2022 season, ceasing all activities. 

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Sunday, 26 June 2022

NETHERLANDS: UVS (1960-) / LSVV '70 (2020-)

Sportpark Kikkerpolder I, Leyden = Leiden (UVS & LSVV '70)

Netherlands, province: South Holland 

13 VI 2011 / UVS - vv SCO '63 3-0 / District West II, Sunday League 2 - promotion play-off final (= NL level 6)
25 VI 2022 / SV Die Haghe - AFC (Za) 0-0 A.E.T. - SV Die Haghe won penalty shoot-out (4-3) / Saturday League 1A, relegation play-off final - neutral venue (= NL level 6)

Note 1: UVS (Uit Vriendschap Saâm - in English: United in Friendship), founded in 1914, played their football at their own park at Wassenaarseweg between 1938 and 1960. This ground, however, was severely damaged by armed forces of the German oppressors during World War II. Nonetheless, UVS stayed put here for 15 more years after the end of the war. In 1955, the club acceded to the ranks of the newly founded professional league pyramid. Five years later, the move was made to the newly built Sportpark Kikkerpolder, officially renamed Sportpark Kikkerpolder I in the early 1970s after the construction of the nearby Sportpark Kikkerpolder II for LVV Lugdunum. Until 1975, UVS shared the premises of Sportpark Kikkerpolder (I) with RKSV DoCos, who disposed of their own main pitch at the park. In their seven seasons of professional league football (1955-62), UVS remained largely unsuccessful, playing at the third and lowest level of the league pyramid and ultimately being condemned to relegation into non-league after finishing bottom of their division in 1962. In non-league, the club reached the Sunday League nationwide championship final in 1968, ultimately losing out to Amsterdam's DCG in a match played at RCH's Heemsteeds Sportpark attended by 22,000 (!) spectators. In the following decades, UVS remained an important club in Sunday League, with a total of 18 seasons in Zondag Hoofdklasse between the introduction of that league level in 1974, and 2005. Ultimately, in 2014, like so many other clubs in South Holland, UVS withdrew from Sunday League football, henceforth focusing on the Saturday League pyramid. In 2015, Sportpark Kikkerpolder I, which had largely remained unchanged since 1960, was thoroughly renovated, with all old stands and terraces being knocked down and replaced. Since 2020, UVS have shared their main pitch with the first team of students' football club LSVV '70 (Leidse Studentenvoetbalvereniging 1970).

Note 2: Below, a compilation of photos of two different match visits, the first before the major renovation of the ground in 2015, and the second after the completion of those works: pictures 1-23 & 38 = June 2011 / pictures 24-37 = June 2022.

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