Sunday, 2 April 2017

BELGIUM: RC Hemptinne (1927-1929, 1938-1945) / Entente Hemptinne (1929-1933) / AS Hemptinne (1945-1991) / AC Hemptinne-Eghezée (B) (1991-1998) / Renaissance Sportive Hemptinne (1999-2011) / Renaissance Sportive Fernelmont-Hemptinne (B) (2011-2012) / Renaissance Sportive Fernelmont-Hemptinne (2012-)

Rue de la Soile, Hemptinne (Renaissance Sportive Fernelmont-Hemptinne, formerly Racing Club Hemptinne / Entente Hemptinne / Alliance Sportive Hemptinne / Association Clubs Hemptinne-Eghezée (ACHE), B ground / Renaissance Sportive Hemptinne)

Belgium, province: Namur = Namen

2 IV 2017 / Renaissance Sportive Fernelmont-Hemptinne - ES Boninne 5-0 / Namur, Provincial League 3A (= BE level 8)

Note 1: AS Hemptinne played in Belgium's national league 4 (usually referred to as 'Promotion' in Belgium) as an independent club for three seasons (1984-1985 & 1989-1991) before merging with SC Eghezée, forming AC Hemptinne-Eghezée; first team football was played in the Stade Bernard Rubay in Eghezée. After "ACHE" got in financial trouble and ceased all activities in 1998, a new club was created in Hemptinne, Renaissance Sportive Hemptinne. The club under its current name, Renaissance Sportive Fernelmont-Hemptinne, is a merger of Renaissance Sportive Hemptinne and ES Fernelmont, created in 2011 after ES Fernelmont (from Forville) went into administration during the 2010-2011 season. For the first season of its existence, the new merger club's first team played at Forville, before moving to Hemptinne in 2012. 

Note 2: photos 3, 24 & 34 courtesy of Anneke te Boekhorst.

All photos: (c) W.B. Tukker & J.C. te Boekhorst / Publication of any of these images only after permission of authors

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