Monday, 24 March 2014

BELGIUM: De Zwaluw VV Diepenbeek (1979-2003) / K Diepenbeek VV De Zwaluw (2003-2018) / KFC Diepenbeek (2018-)

Wasserijstraat, Diepenbeek (Diepenbeek VV De Zwaluw)

Belgium, province: Limburg

23 III 2014 / Diepenbeek VV De Zwaluw - FC Turkse Rangers 4-3 / Limburg, Provincial League 3B (= Div. 7)

Note: De Zwaluw Voetbalvereniging Diepenbeek, founded in 1979, merged with K Diepenbeek VV in 2003, forming K Diepenbeek VV De Zwaluw. The new club's first team played their games at Wasserijstraat, whilst Diepenbeek VV's Demerstrand ground was used (until 2018) for lower team football and training purposes (with Diepenbeek VV's B ground at Sapitelplein being abandoned in 2003 already). In 2018, K Diepenbeek VV De Zwaluw merged with SK Rooierheide, becoming KFC Diepenbeek, with first team football being played at Wasserijstraat. 

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