Thursday, 8 May 2014

BELGIUM: OSMI Mariaburg (1950-1972) / K Mariaburg VK (1972-2019) / Excelsior Mariaburg (2019-)

Zwemdoklei, Brasschaat Sint-Mariaburg (Excelsior Mariaburg, formerly OSMI Mariaburg / K Mariaburg VK)

Belgium, province: Antwerp

8 V 2014 / Mariaburg VK - FC Lint 2-5 / Antwerp, Provincial League 3 - promotion play-off (= BE level 7)

Note: in 1972, Oud-Studenten Michiels Instituut (OSMI) Mariaburg changed their name to become Mariaburg VK. In 2019, the club absorbed their neighbours KFC Excelsior Kaart, taking on the new name of Excelsior Mariaburg. First team football has remained at Mariaburg's Zwemdoklei ground. 

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