Saturday, 18 November 2017

NETHERLANDS: C&FC Hermes-DVS (B) (1957-1960) / C&FC Hermes-DVS (1960-) / SVV (1964-1970)

Harga Midden, Schiedam (Cricket & Football Club Hermes-DVS, formerly SVV)

Netherlands, province: South Holland

9 X 2011 / Hermes-DVS - SVV 1-3 / District West II, Sunday League 3B (= NL level 7)

Note 1: Hermes-DVS were a professional league side between 1954 and 1971, moving its first team to Harga Midden in 1960; between 1964 and 1970, Schiedam's other pro side, SVV, groundshared with Hermes-DVS at this ground. In 1970, SVV's new ground - also at Harga - was finally upgraded with a main stand to allow hosting professional league football. Since, Hermes and SVV have been neighbours. The original grandstand and terraces were demolished in 2005 and replaced by the current stand.

Note 2: The last photo of this series is from 1969 and shows Hermes' John Rost in action at Harga against the background of packed terraces. I met John at the Hermes v SVV match in 2011 and he kindly sent me this photo by e-mail later that day. Thanks for allowing me to publish this great picture, John!

Note 3: below, a combination of pictures taken on different visits, chronologically: non-matchday visit, March 2011 = photos no. 1-3 / matchday visit, October 2011 = photos no. 7-13 / non-matchday visit, November 2017 = 4-6, 14. As mentioned in the above (note 2), picture 15 dates back to 1969. Also note, by comparing photos 3 (2011) and 14 (2017), how a completely new backdrop behind the main stand has appeared.

All photos: (c) W.B. Tukker / Publication of any of these images only after permission of author

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