Monday, 4 December 2017

BELGIUM: FC Wezel Sport (B) (1995-2002) / KFC Racing Mol-Wezel (B) (2002-2010) / KFC Wezel (2010-2014) / Wezel Sport FC (2010-2014) / Lommel United (B) (2010-2017) / KFC Wezel Sport (2014-)

Moresnetlaan, Wezel (KFC Wezel Sport, formerly FC Wezel Sport - B ground / KFC Racing Mol-Wezel - B ground / KFC Wezel / Wezel Sport FC / Lommel United - B ground)

Belgium, province: Antwerp

1 XII 2017 / KFC Wezel Sport - KFC Mol 1-0 / Antwerp, Provincial League 3C (= BE level 8)

Note 1: the pitches at Moresnetlaan were inaugurated in 1995 as the youth and training facilities for FC Wezel Sport, and later, after the merger with KSV Mol, for KFC Racing Mol-Wezel; Wezel Sport's stadium was knocked down in the year of the merger. When Mol-Wezel, in its turn, were absorbed by KVSK United, forming Lommel United, Wezel Sport's matricule was preserved and used to allow some youth teams to play under a new name, KFC Wezel. Meanwhile, it was decided upon by others that first team football should return to Wezel; hence, in 2010, a new club, Wezel Sport FC, was founded. KFC Wezel and Wezel Sport FC merged in 2014, forming KFC Wezel Sport.

Note 2: for those who read and speak Dutch - note the awful spelling mistake on the banner in the second-last photo.

All photos: (c) W.B. Tukker / Publication of any of these images only after permission of author

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