Monday, 1 October 2018

BELGIUM: Ontspanning Adelaars Aalst (1946-1967) / SK Aalst (1967-2002) / SK Lebeke-Aalst (B) (2002-2017) / Sportkring Aalst (2017-)

Kerkhof, Aalst O-Vl (Sportkring Aalst matr. 9695, formerly Ontspanning Adelaars Aalst / SK Aalst matr. 4262 / SK Lebeke-Aalst, B ground)

Belgium, province: East Flanders

29 IX 2018 / VK Breughels - Pico Boys 2-3 / Minitornooi Stad Aalst Div. 1 

Note 1: Ontspanning Adelaars Aalst, founded in 1943, played at the Kerkhof ground from 1946 onwards. In 1967, OA Aalst merged with VOV Aalst (= Voetbal Ontspanning Volharden), a club who had to give up their ground at Asserendries, elsewhere in Aalst; using VOV Aalst's matricule 4262, the new club was given the name SK Aalst. Though the green and orange formation came close to winning promotion to the national leagues on several occasions, the highest level attained by SK Aalst was East Flanders's Provincial League 1. In 2002, SK Aalst merged with Sporting Lebeke, becoming SK Lebeke-Aalst; first team football moved to Lebeke's ground, whilst all youth teams remained at Kerkhof. Finally, in 2017, SK Lebeke-Aalst folded. Longtime club man Willy Cherretté immediately founded a new Sportkring Aalst (matricule 9695) to allow the youngsters of Aalst's southern neighbourhoods to play football close to home. Beside Sportkring Aalst's youth teams (the club has not aligned a first team), the pitch at Kerkhof is rented to local recreational football teams such as Canterbury United (2017/2018) and VK Breughels (2018/2019).

Note 2: below, a compilation of pictures of two visits to this ground: pictures 1-8 = non-matchday visit, August 2017 / pictures 9-24 = matchday visit, September 2018.

All photos: (c) W.B. Tukker / Publication of any of these images only after permission of author

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