Friday, 29 March 2019

BELGIUM: DK Mielen (1964-1994) / RDK Gravelo (B) (1994-)

Diepe Steeg, Mielen-boven-Aalst (Rapid Dappere Kampers Gravelo - training ground, formerly Dappere Kampers Mielen)

Belgium, province: Limburg

March 2019 / no match visited

Note: the hamlet of Mielen-boven-Aalst had three football clubs: first, Dappere Kampers Mielen-boven-Aalst (1929-1933 / matricule 1475) and then a new club with exactly the same name: Dappere Kampers Mielen-boven-Aalst (1941-1945 / matricule 2921), both of which folded within a couple of years. In 1964, Dappere Kampers Mielen (dropping the addition 'boven-Aalst' / matricule 6711) were founded; in 1994, this club merged with Rapid Buvingen to become Rapid Dappere Kampers (RDK) Gravelo, retaining Mielen's matricule. Since, first team football has been played at Buvingen's ground, whilst the premises in Mielen-boven-Aalst are in use for training purposes only. It is beyond my knowledge if the two first clubs in Mielen-boven-Aalst played their football at this same ground. 

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