Tuesday, 25 June 2013

BELGIUM: R Sprimont Sports (1921-2002) / R Sprimont-Comblain Sport (2002-2018) / FCB Sprimont (2018-)

Tultay, Sprimont (Sprimont Comblain Sport)

Belgium, province: Liège = Luik

20 IV 2013 / Sprimont Comblain Sport - UR Namur 2-1 / Belgium, League 4D

Note 1: in the match I visited, as a result of this victory over their last remaining rivals, Sprimont Comblain were crowned champions of their league, gaining promotion to Belgium's Division 3.

Note 2: R Sprimont Sports, founded in 1921, merged with R Comblain Sport (in itself a merger of R Poulseur FC and R Espérance FC Oneux, concluded in 1989) in 2002. In 2018, a new merger took place between R Sprimont-Comblain Sport and R Banneux FC, forming FCB Sprimont. First team football is being played at Sprimont's ground.


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