Sunday, 15 January 2017


Houtrust Noord, The Hague (Den Haag = 's-Gravenhage) Scheveningen (SVV Scheveningen)

Netherlands, province: South Holland

10 IV 2010 / SVV Scheveningen - Capelle 2-1 / Zaterdag Hoofdklasse A (= NL level 3)
14 I 2017 / SVV Scheveningen - Ste.Do.Co 2-0 / Saturday Division 3 (= NL level 4)

Note 1: all pictures below were taken at the January 2017 visit except the last one, which is from 2010.

Note 2: SVV Scheveningen was part of the merger club SHS (Scheveningen-Holland Sport) which played professional league football between 1955 and 1964, the year when Scheveningen withdrew from the merger, preferring to play non-league football instead. Holland Sport itself held out until 1971, when it merged with ADO to form FC Den Haag. SHS and Holland Sport played their league matches in the Houtrust stadium, which was demolished in 1973 and replaced by two pitches, now the premises of SVV Scheveningen's neighbour Duindorp SV.

All photos: (c) W.B. Tukker / Publication of any of these images only after permission of author

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