Monday, 20 February 2017

NETHERLANDS: vv Hoogeveen (1969-2011)

Bentinckspark Oost, Hoogeveen (formerly vv Hoogeveen)

Netherlands, province: Drenthe

20 III 2011 / Hoogeveen - WKE 2-0 / Zondag Hoofdklasse C (= NL level 4)

Note 1: vv Hoogeveen's ground was completely redeveloped in 2011. On it, new grounds for vv Hoogeveen as well as their neighbours HZVV were constructed. The old Elascon-type grandstand was sold to SV Gramsbergen, where it has graced the main pitch since.

Note 2: non-matchday photos: July 2010 / matchday photos: March 2011.

 All photos: (c) W.B. Tukker / Publication of any of these images only after permission of author

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