Saturday, 7 April 2018

BELGIUM: UD Española (1964-2002) / UD Española Liège (2002-2006) / UCE Liège (2006-)

Plaine des Manoeuvres, Liège = Luik Grivegnée (Union des Clubs Espagnols de Liège, formerly Union Deportivo Española & Union Deportivo Española Liège)

Belgium, province: Liège = Luik

2 IV 2018 / UCE Liège - FC Warnant 2-2 / Liège, Provincial League 1 (= BE level 6)

Note: US Espagnola were formed in 1957 and became a member of Belgium's FA in 1964 under a slightly adapted name, Union Deportivo Española; that same year, the club moved away from R Fléron FC's ground to play its football in Liège. Still in 1964, another Spanish immigrant club saw the daylight in Liège, SC Iberia; in 1982, this club merged with FC Deportivo Liège (formed in 1975) to become Union Deportivo Iberia; eight years on, in 1990, UD Iberia concluded a new merger with Atletico Español de Liège (year of birth 1976) to create Atletico Iberia Deportivo. Atletico Iberia Deportivo and UD Española (renamed UD Española Liège in 2002) were neighbours at the Plaine des Manoeuvres ground in Grivegnée. When, in 2006, UD Española Liège were about to be forced into administration, the club were absorbed by Atletico Iberia Deportivo, who took on the new name of Union des Clubs Espagnols de Liège. Since, all first team football has been played at UD Española's main pitch.

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  1. Buenas noches ...Existe alguna foto de 1982...del equipo deportivo iberia..?