Saturday, 18 May 2019


Sportpark Het Wilgenpark, Groenlo (SV Grolse Boys)

Netherlands, province: Guelders = Gelderland

18 V 2019 / SSA Grolse Boys-Grol - vv Haaksbergen Reserves 9-4 / District East, Reserves' League 6 - group 7

Note 1: though, historically, Groenlo's inhabitants mainly adhere to the Roman Catholic faith, there has been a substantial protestant minority since the Eighty Years' War. Following the Dutch tradition of different religious groups forming their own separate social organisations, two football clubs were founded: Koningin Wilhelmina (K.W.) by the protestants in 1907, and RKTOP (later renamed SV Grol) by the catholics in 1918. Koningin Wilhelmina (briefly changing names to become Grolsche Boys in 1923-1925) ceased activity in 1937, but were refounded in 1947 as PSV Groenlo (PSV = Protestantse Sportvereniging). One year later, the club changed their name to become PSV Grolse Boys, whilst they also moved into their current ground - although the current main pitch was not inaugurated until 1975. In 1952, a last name change took place, as the prefix PSV was abbreviated to SV. In 2018, forced by decreasing membership numbers, the club mixed their last remaining teams with SV Grol players in a collaboration named SSA Grolse Boys-Grol. Talks are underway between both clubs to merge outrightly in the summer of 2020.

Note 2: pictures 1 was taken on a non-matchday visit in June 2018.

All photos: (c) W.B. Tukker / Publication of any of these images only after permission of author

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